Simplicity is great. Which is why we’ve taken our most essential products and packed them into one, easy to use bottle. Our 3-in-1 can be used as a one of a kind “shave gel” providing a super close, smooth shave while being see-through. This prevents nicks and cuts when running your blade over a pimple or bump. We have also made 3-in-1 with an included aftershave balm, for you to reapply once done with the smooth shave that 3-in-1 supplies. Lastly, 3-in-1 is as a facial moisturizer. It includes Red Raspberry Extract providing your facial regimen with a skin tightening and smoothing finish. Great for your gym bag or everyday go to, 3-in-1 does it all. Sorry, we couldn’t include the bathroom sink.


✔️ It’s a moisturizer 
✔️ You should shave with it 
✔️ It’s an alcohol-free, moisturizing aftershave 
✔️ Transparent formula allows for avoiding problem areas and optimal shaping of facial hair
✔️ Non-comedogenic


Collections: Better Basics, Shave

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