3 Reasons To Switch To Shaving With A Double Edge Razor

3 Reasons To Switch To Shaving With A Double Edge Razor

August 30, 2016

With each passing day, the resurgence of one of the oldest shaving traditions gains steam. Safety razor shaving dates back to the 1800’s and while the technology may seem antiquated to some, the truth is that it’s still the first choice for many of the most qualified professionals and daily shavers. If you’re looking for an alternative to cartridge razors, below are a few reasons you may want to take a look at safety razor shaving.


1. One Double Edge Safety Razor Blade = Less Irritation

One of the main reasons many of our clients are not fond of shaving is because of the dreaded irritation post shave. We’ve discussed ways to stave off irritation in the past with tips like shaving with the grain and proper pre & post shave rituals. Cartridge razors with multiple blades are great for achieving a super close shave but what sensitive skin shavers should know is each blade is equivalent to a “pass” over the skin. Every pass removes not only hair but skin as well. Use of a double edge safety razor allows you to reduce the number of passes and you’ll find that the shave will be quite close with less irritation.


2. Safety Razor Shaving is Extremely Cost Effective

Double edge safety razors can vary in price but finding a quality handle for under $40 is easy. The cost of double edge blades compared to multi-blade cartridges will come as a shock. We’re talking less than a buck a blade which means new blades every shave for cheap.


3. Precisions Facial Hair Shaping by Shaving With a Safety Razor

If you sport a goatee, mustache or a beard chances are you’re familiar with the difficulty of creating sharp, even lines with cartridge razors. Enter the safety razor. It’s easy to see exactly where the blade is touching and as such, shaping facial hair so that it’s symmetrical is that much simpler.