Daniel is a local boy, born and raised in Inglewood with barbering in his blood.

He started right out of high school following in his Grandfather’s footsteps who had a barbershop in Mexico City.

Daniel loves giving a nice hot towel, straight-razor shave and a gentleman’s scissor cut whenever he can. So much so that he gives back to his community and the country the best way he knows how, by cutting Veterans' hair on his days off.


Josh is the rare LA Native. He spent some time in SF but LA is coursing through his veins.

He was always so picky about his haircuts when it was his time in the chair so he decided to master the craft and get behind the chair himself.

You can tell how much he loves being a barber by how much he loves giving his signature mullet! Always smiling, always enjoying cutting. He is a world class barber and we’re proud to have him on our team!


Nicky has been around since the inception of Svelte, but found interest in barbering over 10 years ago.

While hanging out in a barbershop his older brother Timmy owned in Boston where they grew up, he realized all of the barbers there were having fun while making money. Always a creative, Nicky took to it instantly.

He flexes his artistic ability on every haircut and will tell you in great detail the love he has for timeless natural haircuts and his 1970 Honda Goldwing motorcycle.


Miguel is born and raised in Los Angeles.

He started cutting hair over 6 years ago because he loves the lifestyle that comes with it and has always been a creative person. When he’s not cutting hair he’s messing around with old cars, hitting up Rockabilly concerts and just genuinely enjoying life.

If you’re a fan of Peaky Blinders hairstyles and clean classic haircuts look no further than our guy Miguel!


Timmy is kind of the Mr. Miyagi around Svelte.

Not just because he’s older than all of us, but because he’s been cutting hair since he was 12 and has been opening/operating shops since he was 18. He’s got 6 barbershops under his belt from Boston where he grew up, to Beverly Hills, and now Svelte.

His experience and barber knowledge runs through every strand of Svelte’s DNA and it all stems from the very reason he started Svelte in the first place; the idea that the only thing standing between a man and him feeling and looking his best is information.


Dan is not a barber, even though he wishes he was so he could stop getting razzed at company parties.

He’s a regular guy who realized that barbers speak a different language than their clients and that language barrier has always been the problem with men’s grooming. He saw early on that if you want to make mens grooming effortless for normal guys, you have to be able to translate a barbers knowledge into palatable information.

Thanks to Dan’s translation we can be the informative, trustworthy grooming brand we are today.