Marvin is one of the newest additions to the Svelte team.

Originally from Miami, Marvin is a third generation barber and has the skills to show it. He's decided to take his talents from MIA to our Hollywood shop and his popularity has been exploding.

From perfect fades to an amazing shaving experience, book yourself some time with Marvin and get a little of those East Coast vibes mixed with Southern hospitality!


Clarissa has been in our Manhattan Beach shop for a couple years, but has been cutting since high school and is a South Bay native.

Not only does she have a vast knowledge for all things hair, she also knows all the local good eats and can let you in on some of the less known spots, if you promise to keep it a secret.

Clarissa is cool, calm and collected but still waters run deep. Her favorite haircut to do is a mullet. A cut much like her personality, all business up front and a good time when you take a closer look. Book your next cut with Clarissa for a fun convo and a great cut!


Brett is very much the definition of SoCal with his laid back, chill the point it's not unusual you'll see him around the shop in flip flops!

Starting at a young age in a salon, Brett quickly took a shining to Men's haircuts, while maintaining the ability to master longer styles with lots of scissor work. The way he moves with the sheers reminds us of Edward Scissorhands, snipping away in an organized chaos arriving at the perfect cut.
 We can guarantee his haircuts will impress, whether you're looking for something classic or a bit funky, so book with him for anything your heart desires!


Nicky has been around since the inception of Svelte, but found interest in barbering over 10 years ago.

While hanging out in a barbershop his older brother Timmy owned in Boston where they grew up, he realized all of the barbers there were having fun while making money. Always a creative, Nicky took to it instantly.

He flexes his artistic ability on every haircut and will tell you in great detail the love he has for timeless natural haircuts and his 1970 Honda Goldwing motorcycle.


Miguel is born and raised in Los Angeles.

He started cutting hair over 6 years ago because he loves the lifestyle that comes with it and has always been a creative person. When he’s not cutting hair he’s messing around with old cars, hitting up Rockabilly concerts and just genuinely enjoying life.

If you’re a fan of Peaky Blinders hairstyles and clean classic haircuts look no further than our guy Miguel!


Timmy is kind of the Mr. Miyagi around Svelte.

Not just because he’s older than all of us, but because he’s been cutting hair since he was 12 and has been opening/operating shops since he was 18. He’s got 6 barbershops under his belt from Boston where he grew up, to Beverly Hills, and now Svelte.

His experience and barber knowledge runs through every strand of Svelte’s DNA and it all stems from the very reason he started Svelte in the first place; the idea that the only thing standing between a man and him feeling and looking his best is information.


Dan is not a barber, even though he wishes he was so he could stop getting razzed at company parties.

He’s a regular guy who realized that barbers speak a different language than their clients and that language barrier has always been the problem with men’s grooming. He saw early on that if you want to make mens grooming effortless for normal guys, you have to be able to translate a barbers knowledge into palatable information.

Thanks to Dan’s translation we can be the informative, trustworthy grooming brand we are today.