About us


Svelte was born from necessity.

In 2010, a small group of lifelong Master Barbers came together in search of quality grooming products for men that worked well without harmful ingredients that so often damage hair and age skin.

After two years of searching and testing, they partnered with leading hair and skincare experts to create the best natural hair, beard and skin care products anyone can find.

And succeeded.

Our natural grooming products make hair styling easy for men, while smoothing away the effects of aging, preventing hair loss, and invigorating skin to a level our clients have never seen before.

Scrupulously reviewed by both Professional Barbers and clientele at our Los Angeles Barbershops, our products have become best-sellers and local favorites, giving us the confidence to open our supply to all deserving men.

We didn’t set out to make great men’s grooming products. We set out to make the best men’s grooming products you can find.