Double Edge Safety Razor

Your razor: irritates your skin, gives you razor burn and ingrown hair, doesn't shave close enough, and looks a bit moldy because it's been six months and you've given up spending hundreds of dollars on shaving tools every year.
Our razor: single blade to reduce irritation and shave closer, long-lasting stainless steel blade and handle, solid weight for safer shaving, and all available at an unbeatable price. Billions of marketing dollars are spent convincing us that multiple blades equate to a better shave. We're here to tell you it's simply not true. In reality, each extra blade is only one more razor scraping across your skin, removing cells, and ultimately causing irritation. If your skin is sensitive to shaving, this razor is your remedy.


✔️ The cost of blades with this razor is 10 cents per shave!
✔️ The best tool on the market to combat shaving irritation + ingrown hairs 
✔️ Trusted literally since the beginning of time