Double Edge Safety Razor

If any of these apply to you, it’s in your best interest to make this your next grooming purchase:
  • Your skin gets irritated when you shave and you haven’t tried a single blade razor
  • You're tired of paying $10-$20/month for razor blades
  • You think this piece of equipment is more appealing next to your toothbrush than the moldy piece of plastic that’s there right now
Billions of dollars of marketing money have forced us to believe that we need more blades to get a closer shave. As barbers, we’re promising you it’s just simply not true. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with multi-blade razors, but like anything else they’re not for everybody. Every pass with a blade not only removes hair, but also skin. 1 pass with a five blade razor = 5 passes with this razor. If you have sensitive skin and hate shaving because of it, this razor is your remedy.


✔️ The cost of blades for 1-year with this razor is <$30 
✔️ The best tool on the market to combat shaving irritation + ingrown hairs 
✔️ Trusted literally since the beginning of time 


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