Shave Kit

If you’re going to shave… Shave like a man!
Our Better Basics Shave Kit is made from the best natural ingredients the world has to offer. Each product has been thoroughly tested and approved by Master Barbers giving you the best shave you have ever had!
The Better Basics Shave Kit includes our fan favorite Exfoliating Face Scrub made with real volcanic ash, Grandpa’s Shave Cream for a luxuriously moisturizing shave used with the included stainless steel Double-Edge Safety Razor (with 5 blades included).
To carry all this manly smoothness around we ship with it our Waxed Canvas and Genuine Leather Dopp Kit. This is the Shave Kit you’ll be handing to your son the day he starts growing his first whiskers or the fathers in your life to show your appreciation for being the man he is!

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